Video Transcription

Bob Myers, CEO, Sheplers

There’s a lot of great retailers who don’t lower price online. We automatically go to the ones who are in price wars on the same thing. And if your whole business model is based on I have a national brand and I’m competing on price, it’s probably not a long-term business model to have, especially with the visibility online and all the shopping engine comparisons that you could do on your mobile phone and everything these days.

So you need to understand how to tailor content into customized content to the individual, so if you really understand an individual and you’re getting deeper into why they chose you. So if they chose you for price, it’s OK sometimes. And you need to be competitive on price.

But it really has to be about the convenience. It has to be about the fact that you really know me. And it has to be about the fact that I don’t feel like this is a different experience just for me, but you really know me well.

And I think that’s one of the things. You can go to the extreme. And if you tell the customer, well, we’re customizing this based on everything you told us about yourself, I don’t think that’s the point.

I think the point is I go there. I love this place, because I always find the perfect shirt. And they always have my size. And they always have my color. And they always understand that, gee, I like square toe boots over pointy toe boots and all that.

How do you know that? You know that through analyization of data, right? And so you get a unique customer experience. You may start with personas and narrow your way down.

And it may be, as a new customer, you want a whole different experience, if it’s a highly technical product line and, believe it or not, how boots are, because there’s so many different kinds of exotic boots and everything. So that could be fairly daunting as a new customer.

So we’ll serve up some more basic stuff to the new customers. And to pre-existing customers coming back for replenishment, we already know what brand they’re in. And they’re very brand-loyal. If we know you’re a Wrangler customer, we’ll show you the latest Wrangler styles. We wouldn’t bother you showing you Cinch, because you’ll never buy Cinch, because you’re Wrangler or vice versa.

So all those, I think, are great customer experiences. I think those are useful things that a customer would look for. And that causes you to come back to that site time after time, because you had a great experience. Not necessarily because you got the best price or not, but it’s really about the experience.