Video Transcription

Adam Figueira, Product Marketing Manager, Monetate

Welcome to the Monetate Monday Minute. Today I’m joined by Rob Falcone, client success manager here at Monetate.

Rob, an industry colleague and I recently spoke about how there’s no single button color that converts better than any other. Rather the key is to have the right contrast between your important buttons and the rest of the page, so that these buttons actually stand out rather than blend in.

That’s right, Adam. There really is no best practice that says green buttons perform better than red buttons, or really any color for that matter.

The problem on this page is that a lot of the different elements on the page are gray, so nothing stands out. What you want to do is create a contrast, so that these buttons catch the eye. And you can test different colors and contrasts to see which one works best. And that may vary from one visitor group to the next, or even according to what’s in the person’s cart.

And this is a tactic that can help reduce cart abandonment or improve the rate at which products are added to a cart. For additional ideas, check out our top 10 testing targeting and website optimization best practices guide, available at