Video Transcription

Adam Figueira, Product Marketing Manager, Monetate

For today’s Monday Minute, you’ll learn how to create an A versus Control campaign for testing and alternate homepage hero image. By default, our homepage hero reference is backpacking. And we’d like to test an alternative version that references jackets.

Every Monetate campaign answers four questions– who, what, when, and why? To begin, we’ll show this test to visitors from paid search who land on the site from a related term such as jackets or coats.

Next we’ll select the alternative homepage hero, the what. And set the date and time of day the campaign will run, the when. And lastly, we’ll specify that only 25% of eligible visitors will see the test, the why.

We can then preview this campaign. And soon after we launch it, Monetate will estimate the level of statistical significance for a variety of metrics for how long the campaign must run to achieve it. You’ll also see the incremental annual revenue driven by the test.

That’s all it takes to create this targeted homepage campaign. And that’s your Monetate Monday minute.