Video Transcription

Adam Figueira, Product Marketing Manager, Monetate

Referrals from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest represent a growing and perhaps significant portion of your website traffic, and often, these visitors have high purchase intent. But many retailers are challenged to deliver a consistent experience to these visitors, one that extends beyond the landing page to every page of the website. But with Monetate, it’s easy.

By targeting visitors from Facebook, you can echo the message, offer, look, and feel of the creative that attracted the visitor’s initial click through. You can then render that creative on every page of the website all within the same campaign. The action is reused so no page specific, campaign specific, or element specific code is ever needed. And the result is a more seamless experience from click to conversion without the bait and switch challenge of campaigns limited to just the landing page.

That’s all it takes to run a multi-page consistency campaign from a social network, and that’s your Monetate Monday Minute.