Video Transcription

Adam Figueira, Product Marketing Manager, Monetate

For today’s Monday Minute, you’ll learn how to use a simple yet powerful feature called Dynamic Product Badging, which is a merchandising tactic that involves placing a badge atop one or more of your product images. And it’s easy to badge multiple products as well as entire brands and categories.

Every Monetate campaign is built around four questions, who, what, when, and why. For this campaign, we’ll target visitors where the current weather conditions are rainy.

Next, we’ll select the badge that we want to apply. In this case, one that says waterproof, and then specify the business rule where the badge will be shown. Predictive type ahead text reflects the actual names of your products and helps prevent human error. The wind specifies the date range and the time of day of my campaign, and lastly, the why expresses the goal of the campaign itself as well as our test control distribution.

We can easily preview this campaign and then push it live. That’s all it takes to run this powerful merchandising campaign on your site, and that’s your Monetate Monday Minute.