Video Transcription

Adam Figueira, Product Marketing Manager, Monetate

Tactics to reduce shopping cart abandonment are among the most important, and sometimes quickest, ways to improve the bottom of funnel key performance indicators, such as revenue, conversion rate, and average order value. Today Jerry Moyer, client success director at Monetate, is here to talk about one such tactic, which is hiding your navigation during the checkout process.

When a user enters the checkout process, they’re in a ready to buy state. And the worst thing that we can do is to break that state of mind.

Introducing navigation in checkout can do just that, allowing the user to go back to the main sections of the website, and effectively abandoning the cart. We can test hiding that navigation in the checkout process against a control group to measure the lift and determine whether or not that will be incremental to your site revenue.

Thanks, Jerry. There are additional tactics you can test to reduce shopping cart abandonment, including simple strategies and other proven best practices that are working for many retailers.

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