Video Transcription

Matthew Butlein, President, Freshpair

Freshpair’s goal is to guide the customer into the underwear and that will make them look and feel their best. So it really all starts with the customer. Monetate lets us put that customer first, understand who they are and segments on a very narrow and specific basis to help provide them that experience. One of the most profound effects that we’ve seen as how Monetate has affected our culture. Before, we had to take our three best ideas, execute those in a major way, and hope those were successful. With Monetate, we’re able to pick our 60 best ideas. And as a small team that’s a really valuable asset.

When campaigns are easier to set up, that means we have more time to think about targeting and messaging. We have more data points to be able to inform those dialogues. I think we come to much better conclusions.

One of my favorite campaigns was a consistency campaign that we ran with a particular affiliate. We knew that all the customers that that affiliate was referring were discount oriented. So we wanted to let those customers know, from the moment they got to the site, that they would receive that cashback offer. And that had a significant impact on the conversion rate.

Badging helps us bring the key factor, the customer’s need, to be able to differentiate products off the product page and onto the catalog page. Instead of having to click through 20 products to find the right one for them, in a lot of cases, customers are just able to scan, quickly isolate the ones that meet their needs and convert on those.

We’re a small company who have limited internal resources and Monetate’s client success team is an extension of our own. They help inform the process to get us the data but we need to make the decisions. Monetate has moved the needle for us. They’ve increased conversion rate, average order value, and decreased bounce rate, which is of paramount importance for us.

Monetate’s technology has really helped us expand the universe of ideas that we’re able to even consider.