Video Transcription

Travel technology has reached a level of sophistication and diversity and deployment whereby every family member, every traveling business person, every road warrior with his or her own consulting firm, every romantic getaway, every couple thinking of a honeymoon location can use the internet, their mobile telephone, their tablet to search, shop, buy, share, and memorialize their travel experience.

The travel industry is fighting furiously to catch up with the sophistication of these consumers, be they business or leisure consumers. So the challenges are how do they conform their products in more accessible ways, more engaging ways, more relevant ways for the people who are now in complete control over their shopping experience about how they’d like to travel.

Travel is an enormously emotional experience. And there are many touch points that travel marketers can have with consumers who expect those suppliers and intermediaries and deliverers of the travel experience to present them not just with a night in a room or a seat in an airplane, but a really memorable experience or an effective experience if it’s for business travel.

So the opportunity to know the consumer and to personalize those offers and to merchandise those experiences to the consumer are what the holy grail in that relationship with the consumer that marketers want to have.