Video Transcription

There are still some perceptions out there that make people think that testing is not for them. Some people think, maybe I can’t do testing unless I sell stuff on my website, whereas that’s not true. You can use testing to really optimize anything that can be measured.

So you can optimize registrations. You can optimize for customer satisfaction. You can optimize for lifetime value. Even if you’re not directly transacting on your website, it’s certainly an option for you.

There’s also people that think, if I don’t have a huge amount of website traffic, testing is not for me. And that’s not the case, either. We see successful testing programs at all levels of scale, big and small websites, and large and small amounts of traffic. If you design your experiments the right way, you can test on any amount of traffic.

So there’s some longstanding, I think, perception issues that keep people from adopting. And also, testing is a very intense, ongoing project. It takes a lot of work to develop experiments, and to execute them, and analyze them, and keep doing it over, and over, and over, continuously.

So it just takes a lot of work. And I think it’s tough for organizations, especially these days when they’re under a lot of economic pressure. It’s tough to go hire people and find the money for these programs in these difficult economic times. It’s tough to find the resources to really kick off a program.