Video Transcription

Email is the economic engine of the internet, and it always has been, and probably will always be. But right now, the check engine light is on. Because it’s not working the way it used to. And it’s not working the way it used to because our relationship as marketers with our customers and our prospects have changed dramatically.

Marketing has really lived up to its meaning of being a conversation. And email, up until now, has always been a monologue. I prepare a message sometimes days, weeks in advance. And I send it out.

And you open it, days or weeks later, and the world has changed in that time since the time I sent that email and the time you opened it. And It’s very important to be relevant. And relevancy includes time.

So when I open that email, if I’m not at home, then my circumstances are different. If I’m at home and I open it on my iPad or if I’m in a train station and I open in on a phone, my circumstances have changed. If I’m in a competitor’s store or in an airport, my circumstances have changed.

All those things are important to relevancy and all of those things should be taken into account when personalizing email so that you have a much better chance of having a conversation, a conversation that ultimately maintains a relationship. So there are a number of point solutions that are designed to customize emails. But what’s really important is not to customize an email but to personalize an experience.

So Monetate email gives you the ability to make those decisions that are based on time and circumstance, whether it’s time of day, location, things that I may have done in the intervening period between the time the email went out and the time I opened it. All of those things can be taken into account so that the email can be relevant and the relevancy can be determined at the moment I open the email, not when you as a marketer sent that email a week ago.

So if my circumstances have changed, the email reflects that right now. After I see that relevant email, I’m probably going to go back to the site and interact with you further. What’s very important, again, is to carry that experience through.

And it’s not just about a landing page. It’s about if I was in Seattle in the rain and I made a decision because of that, my landing experience on the website should reflect that same reality. And it should be not just consistent but meaningful and relevant. And we need to carry that through the entire conversation. Monetate display is revolutionary in that it brings real predictive power to the purchase of display ads and the ability to reach an audience.

In the past, we’ve either been completely blind, we just buy as many eyeballs as we can hope for the best, or we’ve done what I would kind of call assumptive marketing, which is we’ll look for people in an urban area and say I want to buy an urban audience because I think that will react well. Well, what’s really important to note here is at Monetate, we have a tremendous depth of behavioral information. We know a lot about not just where people come from but the sorts of behaviors that are associated with that group of people.

And that same ability that we use to predict what the right website experience to place in front of someone can be used to decide not only who I should go for in terms of reaching an audience, but how much I should spend on that audience, and what’s the right way to get a resonant message in front of them. We’re not guessing anymore. We know how these people react with your messaging on the site.

So we can actually make a reasoned prediction about who the right people are to get and how to treat them when they come to your site. And that will be really revolutionary in terms of having a much better conversation with people you can bring into your website and being much more efficient and smart about the way you attract a new audience.