Video Transcription

Bob Myers, CEO, Sheplers

When retailers first started selling online, there were limitations. We all wanted to replicate the store experience. And it was difficult. You coded it all manually. And you had to have a group of coders on your team.
Anytime you wanted to make any change, it affected the code of the site. You’d have to deploy it. You’d have to test it first. Unfortunately, sometimes you tested it on the customer. That’s a major frustration with any marketer. Because they know they can help their company with a huge return on investment, and more importantly, and most importantly, help the customer.

And Monetate has really helped us do that by customizing the site and giving the customer what they expect. I really think the strength of Monetate is the team that they’ve assembled. This, obviously, has been designed by some engineers who really understand usability and understand the marketers that they’re trying to serve. They give you the tools necessary to build on sales continually. And with that sales momentum and that freedom to think, that’s a strong cultural shift. And Monetate actually helps us get there.