Testing and Targeting

Monetate, the most loved solution

According to a Forrester Research report,
Monetate is the top ranked online testing
solution in the quality of reference and
application usability categories.

(Source: The Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms, Q1 2013)

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Personalization Starts Here

Testing is a valuable process for any business. Whether you’re focused on website optimization or are just starting out with a personalization program, simple A/B/n experiments demonstrate what works and what impacts KPIs, while allowing you to build a deeper understanding of your customers.

Discover What Works for Every Customer

Monetate gives you the power to target and segment your visitors beyond the basics. Use geo-targeting and behavioral data, test unlimited hypotheses for website optimization, and uncover customer motivations and reactions to on-site opportunities.

Test Anything… With Ease

Testing tools should scale with your program. And while we want you to move at your own pace, most of our clients like to start out running, testing an average of 40 experiments per month. We’re ready when you are.

Run unlimited A/B/n or multivariate tests with no coding required. With Monetate’s sentence-based experiment builder, you can select your target audience, use a visual slider to determine the eligible visitors for each test, define the on-site action, and create custom tracking events, all in a single marketer-driven UI.

Measure Your Results

You test to find winners. Our analytics and reporting tool easily integrates with 3rd party data, provides experiment visualizations and tracks time to statistical significance, giving you better insight into what’s working.

Monetate also lets you track the KPIs that matter to you, regardless of whether they’re metrics unique to your business or on-site actions. Quickly define these custom metrics with our EventBuilder tool and spend more time focusing on the results.

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