Pricing and Services

Drive customer value, revolutionize your business

Delivering relevant customer experiences requires
great technology, always-on support, and guidance
when you need it.

Marketers must be able to move at the speed of their customers, and scale to meet their demands and expectations. Monetate offers several Service and Support packages, all designed with a singular goal in mind: help you deliver better customer experiences.

Monetate charges a flat fee, that is fixed and guaranteed for one year:

  • Testing and personalization solutions are priced based on your past 12 months of website traffic
  • Email is based on your mailing list size, and has no cost per send

Each product includes basic support, where Monetate will get you set up with an account, email support, and an Account Manager to make sure you’re on the right track. Allowing you to run your own optimization and personalization program, including strategy, implementation, and analysis; with access to our always-on Knowledge Base, self-learning modules, and for technical assistance.

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