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Marketing is about building relationships.

The first step in building a good relationship with your customers
is to understand their needs.

Of course.

When the only interface between you and the customer is their
finger and a screen, how do you get meaningful insights and
actionable data that translate into relevant customer experiences?

With Monetate. We make it easy to create, deliver, and analyze
personalized experiences across web, email, and mobile apps.


Sounds complex. Is it really easy?

Yes. Monetate does all the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting so you
can focus on what you do best. We make it easy to design data-driven experiences that earn engagement. This goes way beyond product recommendations or A/B testing: It’s about complete,
multichannel experiences designed around real-time insight.

Personalize across channels…

With Monetate for Personalization, you can create tailored
customer experiences across web, email, and mobile apps.

Personalize the entire shopping experience. Customize
navigation assets, banners, badges, heroes, and more.

With Monetate for Personalization, you can create, manage, and
analyze tailored customer experiences in one easy-to-use solution.


…Using the data you already have.

No matter how much customer data you currently have, you can
begin delivering personalized experiences with Monetate-powered
behavioral and contextual insights now.

But that’s just the beginning. With Monetate, you can bring together
first-party data from sources like your CRM and POS, and combine
them with real-time behavioral and contextual observations.

The result: Innovative opportunities to deliver truly relevant and
personalized customer experiences powered by our import wizard
or automatic updates. When you turn your data into actions with
Monetate, you can create campaigns and messages that target
dynamic customer attributes such as customer spend or members
of your loyalty program.

You have the data. Now it’s time to do something with them.


And the team you have now.

Personalization used to mean spending months on coding, consultants, and integrations. Not anymore.

With Monetate for Personalization, you can get up and running
in days, not months. With Monetate, you can:

  • Work with the team you have
  • Utilize current creative assets
  • Leverage your existing technologies

All without ongoing involvement from outside consultants
or the IT department.


One more thing:
How can I tell if I’m getting results?

Actionable customer insights are only valuable if you can use
them to help you achieve your goals. Measure every experience
against custom KPIs and create clear and simple reports help
prove the ROI of your efforts. That means you can spend more
time focusing on results, and less time trying to fit campaigns to
cookie-cutter KPIs.

And Monetate works with third-party software, so you can
build a single report featuring the metrics that matter the
most to your organization.