Meet your customers in the moment

Take personalization beyond segments, and deliver one-to-one personalized experiences to your customers on any screen and across every page of your website.

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Building Relationships

Marketers strive to replicate the authenticity of in-person interactions with website experiences—because customers demand it.

Monetate makes website personalization easy. By combining deep customer knowledge with real-time marketing action, you can now deliver unique and relevant experiences to every customer, turning the goal of customer engagement and loyalty into reality.

Know Your Customer

Monetate streamlines the effort required to not only identify targets or customer segments, but to create these targets from multiple data sources. By bringing together the data you observe, the data you collect, and the data you gather from third parties, Monetate’s Interact solution builds a perpetual, high-resolution profile of every customer that never expires.

This unique blend of historical and in-the-moment data forms a rich set of segments, built from each customer's location, demographic profile, weather conditions, device, and much more, providing the insight you need to make personal and authentic website experiences.

Deliver the Right Experience

Monetate’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for marketers to implement tests or campaigns. With a point-and-click editor and an intuitive sentence-based campaign creation tool, Monetate empowers marketers to modify any part of their website, preview changes in real time, and immediately apply the experience to specific customer segments without writing code.

The Monetate Builders suite, included with the software, makes it easy to create custom targets, modify page actions, build dynamically layered content, and track specific page events in a highly scalable format.

Measure Your Results

Monetate gives marketers the ability to track standard and custom KPIs for your marketing campaigns, quickly define these custom metrics with our EventBuilder tool, and spend more time focusing on the results.

A no-cost integration with third-party analytics and access to simple, predictive metrics gives you the ability to roll all of your website metrics into one easy-to-produce report. Campaign visualizations and time to statistical significance give you better insight into what’s working.

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