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Hunches are good.

Data-backed hunches are even better.

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Turn those hunches into knowledge.

With Monetate for Optimization, you can use rich behavioral and
contextual data to test, iterate, personalize, and improve the entire
customer experience. It all begins with a deeper understanding of
each individual customer.


Geek out.

We’re serious about testing. Monetate for Optimization helps
you create, implement, and analyze powerful tests in a single,
intuitive interface.

Product highlights:

  • Advanced A/B/n testing
  • Test multiple incremental changes at once with MVT
  • Full-factorial ANOVA approach to help reduce variance,
    limit false positives, and measure interaction between
    variables. Great for analyzing mean-based metrics like
    average order value, time on site, and revenue/session
  • Built-in measures of statistical significance

Not sure where to start? See how your site’s metrics (like
bounce and cart abandonment rate) stack up against your
competitors. We offer access to the industry’s most
comprehensive set of ecommerce benchmarks. And since
we support more brands on the IR 500 than any other
personalization platform, you know you can trust our numbers.


Measure. Report. Improve.

You shouldn’t have to drill down to spot your winners. We make it easy to make your case.

  • Integrates with 3rd-party data so you can
    streamline your reports
  • Custom metrics help you focus on what
    matters to your business
  • Cool visualizations make your reports easy
    to comprehend
  • Prioritize efforts using built-in measures of
    statistical significance as your guide

From experimentation to personalization.

We believe a robust testing and optimization program is
a key part of a successful ecommerce initiative.

We also believe testing is a critical part of an effective
personalization strategy. With Monetate for Optimization
you can identify key segments, test your approach, and
iterate based on the data.

Let’s do this.