Monetate for
Mobile Apps

Personalization and A/B/n testing for your
mobile app.

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Your app launch was just the beginning.

Research shows that as many as 75% of users will delete your
app within just one month of downloading it. We think it’s time
to turn the challenge into an opportunity.

With Monetate for Mobile Apps powered by Taplytics, you
can update, test, or personalize any part of your iPhone or
Android app. You don’t even have to wait for the app store
gatekeepers to bless your changes.

The testing solution you love.
Now for the small screen.

With Monetate for Mobile Apps, you can use the same innovate-and-iterative
approach you take with your website to your mobile app.

Test anything in your app, from checkout flow to button sizes, all without
ever touching a line of code. Best of all, you can push the winning version
of the test to all your users without waiting for the app store to approve
your improvements.


Personalization comes to mobile.

And it’s ready to do some pretty exciting things.

Create tailored segment-based experiences based on dynamic
factors and real-time customer context. Use all the data you have
(including CRM and POS) to deliver meaningful experiences that communicate the right message to the right person.


Personalize everywhere. Now.

According to research from Google, as many as 67% of
online shoppers begin on one device and continue on another.

Multi-screen shopping is the norm—not the exception—and
your customers expect you to deliver a consistent experience.
With Monetate for Mobile Apps, you can integrate custom
data like purchase history, preferred clothing size, and
loyalty-program status to bring your personalized web
and email experiences to your mobile apps.

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