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Turbo-charge your personalization strategy with dynamic product recommendations, visual search, and badging capabilities that drive conversion and increase customer loyalty.

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Personalize beyond the algorithm.

Everybody has product recommendations. Old-school product recos (“People who bought this, bought these!”) focus on the product, not the customer. That’s not smart.

With Monetate for Merchandising, you can add your own business rules and tailor suggestions using past purchases and behaviors. You can even create dynamic filters that prioritize top sellers, new arrivals, and more.


Focus those eyeballs.

Badges are great at calling out unique product attributes,
but most badging vendors are “on or off.” With Monetate
for Merchandising, you can display badges according to
dynamic factors, including:

  • Target badges based on weather or location
  • Trigger badges by user affinities
  • Test badge attributes and go with the winner
  • Emphasize different USPs for returning shoppers

The gift of sight.
Now for keyboards.

Customers can’t purchase what they can’t find. Deliver
dynamic results tailored to the customer’s search query,
as they type.

Make products easy to discover with Visual Search that
fully integrates with the search engine and product feed
you already have.


3 powerful merchandising solutions in 1.

Dynamic product recommendations, product badges, and visual search.

That’s Monetate for Merchandising.

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