Monetate for Email

82% of shoppers say they’re likely to buy more items from a brand when sent personalized emails.

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Email just got way smarter.

The emails you send should be as customer-centric as
your website and mobile app. With Monetate for Email,
you can create, manage, and analyze personalized
multichannel campaigns in one easy-to-use solution.

Open-time email personalization. Deliver relevant messages
for the moment your customer opens the email (as opposed
to when you send it).

Cross-channel consistency. Link the messages and promotions
in your email to your web and mobile app platforms to reinforce
your core message.

Cool widgets. Target emails based on current distance to nearby
store, live inventory status, and more.

Real-time relevance. Use contextual data like region/weather.

And more targeted.

With Monetate for Email, you can bring in data from your online store and mobile app, so you can target things like items your customers have in their cart, the categories they browse, and more. Email retargeting is a powerful way to send emails that resonate and convert.


And a whole lot easier.

The Monetate platform is designed with an intuitive interface.
Even non-technical marketers can do the work that was formerly exclusively in the purview of the IT department. Discover relevant customer segments, personalize based on variables you define,
and track results.

Bring in data. Segment on the fly. Craft a dynamic message. Repeat.

So now you’re probably thinking:

I’m going to want to measure all this stuff.

We make that easy, too. The most successful
email marketers are the ones who measure and
carefully analyze everything. Sort by target group,
create dynamic content to better identify winners,
and iterate on under-performing tests.

  • Examine opens, clicks, and conversion at the variable level. Compare results and iterate based on what you learn.
  • Setup A/B/n tests and push the winning version to the rest
    of your list—on the fly.
  • Deliver consistent experiences across web, email, and mobile apps. It’s the next level of email integration.


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