Email Optimization

Unleash the power of open-time personalization

Make your emails more relevant and deepen customer relationships with dynamic content, personalized at the time an email is opened.

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Make Email Relevant

We’re making the marketers goal of relevant emails an achievable reality, using open-time personalization to deliver unique experiences to each customer.

While marketers recognize email as an important way to increase customer loyalty and establish long-term relationships, creating a relevant experience over email has become more difficult.

Know Your Customer

With an intuitive interface, Monetate’s email solution, Engage, makes it easy to target customers using data collected by your ESP, behavior, proximity to location and other contextual information available at the time of open, instead of send.

You’re taking action in the moment, segmenting your audience on the fly and crafting a dynamic message for each target in the same amount of time it takes to render a static email.

Deliver the Right Experience

Monetate makes email relevant with dynamically targeted email content, determining which experience to deliver, and who it’s delivered to, in real-time.

Because that could mean hundreds of different permutations of the same creative, Monetate’s ContentBuilder tool allows you to create production-quality assets, layering on different messages and even clickzones for different visitor segments. All with a singular purpose—to deliver the right email experience to every customer.

How do we do it? Engage generates a snippet of HTML (containing your dynamic content) that you copy and paste into your existing email template. Your ESP still sends the message, but Monetate makes it personal.

Measure Your Results

Engage gives marketers the ability to track KPIs for email campaigns, including opens, clicks and click-through percentages by content variation. You can easily use these results to promote winning A/B tests to customers who haven’t yet opened your email.

Engage lets you deliver a synchronized experience from email to website when paired with Monetate’s personalization solution, Interact, enabling you to easily connect your customers’ email profiles to their on-site behaviors for a more unified online experience.

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