Our Technology

Monetate allows marketers to translate their vast array of customer data, into real-time action across channels and devices.

Our solutions work in conjunction with your existing site provider and email service provider -essentially sitting on top on them- enhancing their functionality by synchronizing data, coordinating programs, and delivering relevant experiences to your customers, across channels and devices.

A Single Interface Design For Marketers

Monetate streamlines the effort required to not only identify targets or customer segments, but to create these targets from multiple data sources. By bringing together the data you observe, the data you collect, and the data you gather from third parties, Monetate’s Interact builds a perpetual, high-resolution profile of every customer that never expires.

Monetate features:

  • Single interface designed by a single team with a single focus
  • Easy implementation using our JavaScript ExpressTag in your page header
  • Ability to change anything, anywhere, anytime—on your website or email
  • Unlimited tests, campaigns or emails

Deep Customer Intelligence

Monetate helps you know every customer in deeper, more profound ways. Monetate helps you understand past and present behaviors, customer circumstances—such as weather and demographics—and much more. The result is a high-resolution snapshot of your customers that never expires. Best of all, the longer Monetate runs, the smarter it gets, which means you deliver increasingly satisfying customer experiences.

Create & Manage Experiences with Ease

Define customer segments, create actions, and run unlimited experiences using an intuitive, sentence-based campaign interface that never requires code. Personalize every customer experience with nothing more than simple point-and-click selections. From simple changes to multi-page campaigns, or advanced features, it’s as easy as answering Who?, What?, When?, and Why?

Core Features


Simplify campaign creation with a point-and-click visual editor that makes it easy for marketers to modify any part of their website, preview changes in real time, and immediately apply the experience to specific customer segments.


Allows you to easily define and select audience segments and mitigates the need for a centralized customer database. TargetBuilder can define segments based on three criteria – cookies, DOM elements, and Javascript variables.


Enables marketers to track standard and custom engagement events for their marketing campaigns without writing throw-away code or making any physical page changes.


Leapfrog creative roadblocks by building targeted assets faster than ever before. Monetate ContentBuilder accelerates creative output by enabling you to build dynamic content, apply it to campaigns, and map it to the right audiences. With ContentBuilder, it’s easy to create unlimited variations from just a single image.

Performance Analytics

Information isn’t insight unless you understand its value. See the dollars and cents behind every campaign with the benefit of:

  • Performance visualizations
  • Raw data access
  • Analytics integration
  • Incremental and projected annual revenue
  • Statistical significance for all KPIs
  • Support for custom metrics
  • A powerful, sentence-based report builder
  • Post-campaign segmentation

And it’s all accomplished without adding any new conversion tags to your website.

Standard Support

Monetate includes comprehensive support with our technology, at no additional cost. Our Standard Service is ideal for the self starter, who is comfortable with a self-integration of the tool (which is as simple as cut and paste) and wants to build, implement and maintain their own program.

With Standard Service, you’ll receive:

  • support@monetate.com for Technical assistance and troubleshooting
  • Self-integration documentation and APIs
  • Access to the Monetate Knowledge Base, screencasts, and self-learning modules

We also provide all of our self-service clients with a dedicated Customer Care Representative.

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