Customer Intelligence Layer

See every shopper like never before.

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Your customers aren’t cookies.

And they’re not Chrome, iOS, or, either. They’re real people. So let’s start treating them that way. Because when you can understand and interpret customer data in a meaningful way, you can deliver a more relevant experience that builds long-term customer relationships.



A whole new view.

The Customer Intelligence Layer unifies online and offline data. Now you can recognize customers across all of their devices, and tailor their purchasing journey accordingly.

  • ID Synchronization: Automatically links customer IDs and identifies them as a single person
  • Cross-Device Targeting: Serves relevant content to each customer across their devices
  • Cross-Device Tests: Keeps your customers in the same testing group, no matter what device they’re using
  • Data Activation: Onboard your offline data from your CRM, POS, DMP, or any other external source



Know your customers better.

We built the Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer so you can truly understand each customer and figure out what’s most likely to please (and convert). We make it easy for you to learn from them, deliver what they want (when they want it), across devices. It’s how our customers are building the engaging shopping experiences of tomorrow, and why more brands in the IR 500 choose Monetate than any other testing and personalization solution.

Always learning. Always improving.

The Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer is always learning, getting smarter with every click, interaction, and purchase. It also includes an intuitive data-import wizard and automated SFTP capabilities. Now you can bring together all your valuable online and offline customer data and take meaningful action on it—all in real-time.


See every customer like never before.


With the Monetate Customer Intelligence Layer, you can use all the data you have
to deliver meaningful personalization wherever you are.