New, intuitive self-serve testing solution provides ease-of-use with unmatched scalability

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (August 20, 2014) – Monetate, the leading provider of testing and targeting, email optimization and personalization solutions, announced today the launch of Monetate for Testing & Targeting – the first enterprise-grade, self-serve A/B/n and MVT testing solution, at a price any business can afford.

Monetate for Testing & Targeting gives marketers the power to target and segment visitors beyond the basics and at high volumes. Marketers can ensure every message is relevant and test both its positive and negative business impact by tracking in-session user behavior, and combining that data with real- time conditions like weather and location.

“With Monetate for Testing & Targeting, we’re bringing enterprise-grade testing to the masses with unmatched scale, efficient workflow and rigorous security,” said Bruce Ernst, Vice President of Product Management, Monetate. “Whether a marketer is running two or two hundred tests, it doesn’t matter – execution is just as easy, campaigns remain within marketing and no additional resources or IT involvement are required. Sophisticated management features, such as role- based access, ensure campaign workflow is always optimized.”

Ernst added, “Security is an important feature inherent in all Monetate solutions, that we’ve built into Monetate for Testing & Targeting. Marketers can use our solution with confidence, without having to worry that the tests they’re running are exposed to motivated, competitive marketers.”

Monetate for Testing & Targeting becomes particularly relevant in the light of the recent growth hacking phenomenon. Growth hackers are challenged to achieve exponential growth, often with limited resources – as a result they’ve turned to low cost, entry level testing tools to achieve the exposure they want. However, growth hackers are very quickly realizing that once they’re able to gain traction with these tools, they’ve outgrown them. True growth hacker-level growth requires enterprise-grade A/B testing functionality.

Monetate for Testing & Targeting has been designed for marketers to independently create, deploy, learn, and adjust two-tail experiments all in one place; decreasing marketers’ reliance on other departments. Its analytics tool lets you easily evaluate experiments, define and track standard or custom KPIs out- of-the-box, integrate with third-party analytics, and view performance analytics in a consumable dashboard.

“We recognize that every marketer’s goal is to deliver one-to-one personalized experiences for their customers, but everyone is at a different stage in this journey. Monetate for Testing & Targeting takes aspects of our industry-leading personalization platform and consolidates it for the testing user,” said David Brussin, co-founder and CEO, Monetate. “Monetate for Testing & Targeting offers key functionality to help companies of all shapes and sizes begin immediately using A/B and MVT testing in their website optimization efforts.”

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