New cloud-based product automatically identifies high-value customers and allows marketers to target them with experiences that drive higher conversions, loyalty and revenue

PHILADELPHIA, (August 8, 2013)Monetate today announced the launch of LivePredict, an automated segment discovery product that automatically identifies valuable customer segments and the attributes that define them, and gives marketers the ability to instantly take action by targeting offers and content specifically to those segments.

LivePredict addresses the shortcomings of traditional testing and segmentation, which has marketers swimming in data trying to determine which content to target to which group. LivePredict identifies, at the brand and campaign levels, the highest and lowest-performing segments, which is ranked by Impact Score (performance of the segment compared to the site average, multiplied by number of visitors in that segment), allowing marketers to understand the potential business opportunity of each segment.

LivePredict also surfaces customer groups that respond well to a brand or campaign, but have a lower number of visitors.  This High Potential dashboard helps marketers drive strategy and determine where to focus their efforts in other marketing channels, to drive more of those high-value customers to their digital sites.

(Watch Monetate CEO David Brussin discuss how LivePredict will change the customer segmentation game)

“LivePredict offers a new way for marketers to understand and influence digital visitor behavior,” said Brian Hawkins, Partner and Optimization Specialist at Web Analytics Demystified. “Enabled by Monetate’s proactive targeting technology, LivePredict automatically surfaces customer segments that might otherwise go unnoticed or undiscovered, potentially driving significant changes in customer acquisition strategies and internal resource investments.”

(Click here to download the “Segmentation Dos and Dont’s” eBook)

With LivePredict, a brand can uncover insights – at the account and campaign level – like:

  • The brand’s customers in California have a much higher conversion rate than visitors from other states. The marketer can use this information to prioritize customers from the “California” segment, geo-target them, and deliver even more relevant experiences.

  • Customers coming to the brand’s website from tablet devices convert a high rate, but have a lower average order value (AOV) than desktop users. The brand can use this info to deliver product recommendations to customers on tablet devices that will help drive upsells and higher AOVs.

  • Customers who live in areas with high income levels do not respond well to flash sale-campaigns.  A brand can use this info to exclude those customers from flash sales and instead deliver experiences that reflect these customers’ affinity for certain brands and categories.

“LivePredict delivers the future of personalization for marketers,” said David Brussin, CEO of Monetate. “With LivePredict, segmentation and personalization are no longer a time and labor intensive guessing game. For every campaign run on their websites, marketers can see which customer segments responded well and which did not. Smart marketers are focused not on the transaction, but rather on fostering a lasting relationship between consumer and brand. LivePredict helps them create that lasting bond.”

LivePredict is delivered to clients in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. It is part of Monetate’s suite of personalization and customer experience optimization technologies, which also includes badging, mobile/tablet, personalization, prediction, recommendations, visual search and testing products.

For more information, visit, or download the LivePredict data sheet here.