Attract and retain loyal readers and viewers
with content they want.

Today, everyone is a publisher. Countless blogs, brands, and other content creators produce engaging stories, videos, and podcasts, all competing for the attention of interested audiences. The most relevant publishers will attract new subscribers who crave more, return to the website, and share content with their friends and colleagues.

Monetate helps publishers and media companies increase visitor engagement by optimizing content based on previous and real-time behaviors, including content searched for, viewed, and shared. Your entire website becomes even more powerful with relevant advertising that drives better engagement and more revenue.

Media/Publishing Solutions

Treat every website visitor differently by displaying relevant content and advertising. Drive greater media consumption by recommending relevant content based on everything that you know about a visitor's interests and behaviors.

Enhance the visitor experience by displaying relevant content, and see monumental increases in new subscriber acquisition, website registrations, and advertising performance. Understand what works best for every website visitor with advanced A/B/n and Multivariate testing capabilities that are as powerful as they are easy to use.

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