Convert more leads with
advanced targeting and
personalization for B2B.

You have limited opportunities to make a lasting impression with a prospect, so every experience counts.

B2B companies know that to be successful you must be relevant; but delivering the right experience to the right person at the right time (and across channels) is a challenge that consumes valuable time and scarce resources.

Monetate draws on first- and third-party data sources to deliver intelligent and efficient B2B targeting and personalization throughout all stages of the customer journey. Leveraging firmographic and behavioral data to create a consistent and relevant experience for the company and the individual across all of your digital channels.

B2B Personalization

When a prospect visits your website, they bring a wealth of information with them, ranging from their company name and industry to weather conditions, demographic profile, device, and much more. This information is powerful, but often comes from different sources, limiting your ability to act in the moment, or even over time. Monetate helps you deliver unique and relevant website experiences through real-time personalization and automated content recommendations. When each experience is personal and relevant, the result is something everyone can enjoy: more engaged leads, and a shorter sales cycle.

Advanced Targeting

Segmenting B2B prospects requires knowledge about the company, industry or account, and the individuals making the purchase decisions. Speaking to one or many makes a difference when tailoring your sales message to be effective and relevant. Examine individual behaviors, preferences, and circumstances alongside firmographics to create a high-resolution snapshot of both the company and the individual, one that never expires.

Send Smarter Emails

More than a quarter of all B2B sales take seven months or more to close, making it difficult to keep prospects engaged with your brand and content.

Keep your prospects engaged with more relevant email experiences. Monetate’s email solutions feature open-time personalization, which determines each message’s content only when your prospects actually open them—not when those messages are sent—given the opportunity to be more responsive to each prospect’s recent behaviors and context.

Best of all, Monetate combines deep knowledge of who to target, and what message to send, with the unique ability to know when to send it. It’s about turning real time into right time, and capturing your prospects’ attention during business hours, or when they’re likely to be checking email.