The Monetate Success Team sat down with Nancy Miller, Vice President of Internet Sales and Development at Woodcraft, to talk about how this omnichannel retailer uses Monetate.

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How has using Monetate improved Woodcraft’s website testing and optimization strategy?

Woodcraft has always been dedicated to figuring out what our visitors want and need, both when they come to our website and when they’re visiting one of our stores. Monetate has been a critical part of unlocking that information.

Using Monetate has really been our first venture into the world of routine website testing and optimization. I am impressed with the ease of creating new tests and the clarity of reported results. I especially like the way Monetate compares so many metrics and enables a dive into the raw data.

When it comes to website design and features, it’s easy to get caught up in discussions about different opinions. And healthy debates about ideas are wonderful, but those conversations can also lead to a lot of wheel-spinning, so to speak.

Monetate solves that problem in two ways. First, we now have the ability to run so many tests that instead of an internal discussion, we can just say: “Great, let’s test both of those ideas and see which one wins.”

Second, it’s an industry best practice to look at data before making a decision about your website. Personally, I have a background in data and analysis, so I always want to see the hardcore data before we implement any features. I want to know: What really works? What’s really resonating with our visitors? And for the ideas we plan to implement anyway, it’s great to show the impact of the change on the bottom line. With Monetate, we can see the results so clearly that it gives us the ability to find out what our visitors want when they come to, and then deliver that experience.

What creates a great customer experience at

Like most people in the ecommerce space, I’m dedicated to creating a seamless online customer experience. One of the most important things for our website visitors is having the ability to realize the breadth of products that we have while still providing them with an easy way to find what they are looking for.

Great navigation is paramount on any website, but particularly for a website with a large catalog of items. Woodcraft sells a wide-ranging line of tools, so we are focused on making sure visitors aren’t overwhelmed. So for us, the ability to test and implement features like flyout images in our guided navigation can have a really positive impact on the end experience of our users. We also make use of product image badging to call out our bestsellers, great deals, or promote the fact that certain items are made in the USA!

Having franchised locations must add some complexity to running an online component to the business. How have you used Monetate to handle that challenge?

So far, our most important use of Monetate is promoting our in-store locations on the homepage.

We have retail stores all over the country. Although each of our stores has its own page on, our franchisees really wanted a bigger presence on the homepage. We knew our website and store locations needed to work in tandem, so we had to figure out a way to do that.

To solve the problem, we used Monetate to create a Store Locator on the Woodcraft homepage. Based on the IP address of the visitor, we can display the nearest Woodcraft store. To cover any IP inaccuracy, visitors can enter their ZIP codes and find a store location that way. Meanwhile, if a visitor isn’t near one of our stores, they will just see an offer for a product on sale at

Now, we are able to give each franchisee a larger presence on the homepage. That is a really big deal for us. Our stores are happy because they feel like they have more ownership, and we’re happy because we’re using our homepage real estate effectively, even for visitors who aren’t near a store. That’s just been a huge win for us as an entire company. Carving Out an Optimized Omnichannel Experience a

What’s your favorite part of working with Monetate?

I have never seen technology that can instantly extend the functionality of your website. It’s like having a development team at your disposal without having to change your source code internally.

Although we develop in-house, it would take significant programming hours to accomplish what Monetate already has built in. I imagine for companies that use a third-party ecommerce system, Monetate would be the only way they can add additional functionality to their site.

We also have weekly calls with our Client Success Team to review our test results and discuss new merchandising ideas. They are super responsive and do a great job of sharing winning ideas among Monetate customers.

What’s next for Woodcraft?

We are actively working to enhance local shopping. Over the years, we have been committed to presenting the same price and sales opportunities to our customers, no matter what channel they purchase from. No customer wants to shop every store site to find the best deal.

This commitment, however, does not allow individual stores to utilize the web to its full potential because they cannot advertise local sales on their store page. This has been a big issue for our franchise owners.

By extending the geolocation targeting to the store pages, we will soon allow our stores to advertise local sales online. Only shoppers close to the store will be able to see the local deals. It’s finally a way the stores can advertise locally to enhance the local customer shopping experience without causing a disservice to all shoppers. Another feature that is a win for all!

About Woodcraft
Founded in 1928, Woodcraft is a leader in providing top-quality woodworking products, educational opportunities, and one-on-one guidance to woodworkers at all skill levels. Based in Parkersburg, West Virginia, the company’s more than 20,000 products are sold at retail stores in over 70 major metropolitan areas across the United States, through 2 million catalogs distributed annually in all 50 states and 117 countries, and online at

Access Woodcraft: Carving out an Optimized Omnichannel Experience.