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Back To School List
It’s never too early to think about back to school.

I know. It’s only June 2nd. The papers have just been handed in. Final exams only recently wrapped up. Isn’t it time to relax for a few months? No. If you’re in the business of, well, anything—it’s time...

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Activate your data, now!

It is another trade show focused on the future of digital retail and the room is buzzing with the latest trends in online marketing. When asked about the biggest pain point of their business, none of the executives...

Customer Journey
Three Ideas to Kickstart Your Omnichannel Marketing

For shoppers, there are more ways to research, discover, and engage with a brand than ever before. Indeed, the experience has become a multichannel, multi-device, process that spans time and space. From the living room to the...

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Frank Underwood’s Lessons for Digital Marketers

You can’t deny the draw of Frank Underwood. We’re big fans of Netflix’s House of Cards here at Monetate, and have done our fair share of quoting it. And that got me thinking: Despite being perhaps the most...

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Being Relevant: The Holy Grail of Marketing

Consistently delivering compelling, relevant experiences that delight your website visitors is the holy grail of marketing. Those were the words of Brett Bair, senior director of strategic services at Monetate, during last week’s “Optimize the Customer Experience” webinar...

Website Replatform
Testing Your Way to a Successful Replatform

When you consider the monumental shifts taking place in online consumer behavior these days, it’s no surprise Forrester Research reports that many companies with commerce websites intend to start a replatforming effort in the next two years...

Personalization Word Cloud
Website Personalization: How to Avoid the Creep Factor

An article in Sunday’s New York Times posed an interesting question that comes up often: Is using information that you know about an online customer to personalize their experience on your website helpful or intrusive? As more ecommerce...

Website Testing Wins: Orange or Blue?

There’s been a lot of talk about how orange buttons increase conversion. Orange buttons were said to increase conversion by 32% in one case study and big orange buttons have been said to boost conversion in blog post...

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