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Creating Useful 404 Error Pages

Imagine the following scenario: You’re out skateboarding (like I said, imagine) one day when your pair of trusty old Vans finally give at the seam. Your sock shows through the gap. It’s pretty clear that it’s time to...

Smartphone Vs Tablet
Smartphones vs. Tablets: Forrester Reveals the Differences

Access Monetate ecommerce report to better understand the difference between smartphones and tablets experience. Most companies are already taking note of the explosion of smartphone and tablet traffic to their websites. But smartphones aren’t tablets and vice versa...

Carroll Rheem Feature
Upsells and Cross-Sells in Travel: It’s a Timing Thing

In the booking process, upsells and cross-sells of ancillary services hit two key needs for travel firms. One, these recommendations allow you to help customers build packages that offer more robust travel experiences. And two, they represent a...

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Being Relevant: The Holy Grail of Marketing

Consistently delivering compelling, relevant experiences that delight your website visitors is the holy grail of marketing. Those were the words of Brett Bair, senior director of strategic services at Monetate, during last week’s “Optimize the Customer Experience” webinar...

Stamp Wish You Were Here
In Travel & Hospitality, Irrelevance Is the Kiss of Death

During this week’s Tnooz webinar, Transforming the Supplier-Driven Booking Experience, a group of experts sounded off about how the travel and hospitality industry is rapidly changing, thanks to a major shift in customer behavior and new demands...

Multi Screen
It’s a Multi-Screen World

Google recently unleashed “The New Multi-Screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,” a 46-page report detailing consumers’ ever-increasing tendency to cycle between multiple devices to accomplish online tasks. While the video interviews are enjoyably awkward, the rest of the...

Shopping Cart Abandonment Thumb
Infographic: Shopping Cart Abandonment and Tips To Avoid It

Shopping cart abandonment remains too high. Use these tips to lower your abandonment rate. For a comprehensive look on ecommerce trends, actionable insights and analysis, check out our latest Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly Report. View it full size

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