Post Conversion

I finally converted on via my laptop, one week after my initial visit. The next step for the retailer in our relationship will be offline, as I wait for it to quickly deliver items that match my expectation, with no issue. When I return to the site, ostensibly thrilled with my first purchase, how might it build on what was, overall, a very good user experience during my first go-around?

20Jeans now has A LOT of data about me. But the elements influential to me as a first-time customer will now play a diminished role in my second purchase. How can the retailer add value to my next shopping experience based on its knowledge that I am a returning visitor who browsed the “Shop By Look” section heavily, and ended up purchasing an oxford shirt and tie?

Furthermore, Can it replicate that relevant customer experience based on data across five different audience segments? What about 25? Or 50? This is where the challenge of online personalization lies—taking what you understand about your vast customer base and developing a scalable way to address each visitor as if you truly know them personally.

The data needed to make this happen is plentiful. How will you use it?

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