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Customer Journey
Three Ideas to Kickstart Your Omnichannel Marketing

For shoppers, there are more ways to research, discover, and engage with a brand than ever before. Indeed, the experience has become a multichannel, multi-device, process that spans time and space. From the living room to the...

House Of Cards2 1
Frank Underwood’s Lessons for Digital Marketers

You can’t deny the draw of Frank Underwood. We’re big fans of Netflix’s House of Cards here at Monetate, and have done our fair share of quoting it. And that got me thinking: Despite being perhaps the most...

Smartphone Vs Tablet
Smartphones vs. Tablets: Forrester Reveals the Differences

Access Monetate ecommerce report to better understand the difference between smartphones and tablets experience. Most companies are already taking note of the explosion of smartphone and tablet traffic to their websites. But smartphones aren’t tablets and vice versa...

Multi Screen
It’s a Multi-Screen World

Google recently unleashed “The New Multi-Screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,” a 46-page report detailing consumers’ ever-increasing tendency to cycle between multiple devices to accomplish online tasks. While the video interviews are enjoyably awkward, the rest of the...

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