Segment Discovery

5 ways to create segments that convert this holiday season

Website segmentation is a super-effective way to turn holiday window shoppers into holiday buyers. We’ve seen customer segmentation increase conversion rates and sales for the brands we work with every year. So what’s the best way to build...

Upselling And Cross Selling
Are You Targeting These Two Valuable Travel Segments?

Here’s good news for travel and hospitality websites: In mature global travel markets, growth will remain consistent. But there’s a catch. For companies that want to exceed that growth, it’s critical to make the most of every single...

Web Icon Without Date
Being Relevant: The Holy Grail of Marketing

Consistently delivering compelling, relevant experiences that delight your website visitors is the holy grail of marketing. Those were the words of Brett Bair, senior director of strategic services at Monetate, during last week’s “Optimize the Customer Experience” webinar...

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