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Mobile Shopping
Designing a better retail mobile app experience

Google just released a comprehensive report on mobile retail apps. It covers everything from discovery and search (of course), to product reviews and frictionless payments. In this post, we’re going to share what we learned from the report...

Eq 2 2015
Conversion rates for iOS vs. Android: The last 2 years

One of the things we look at when we compile the data for the Ecommerce Quarterly is the ecommerce performance metrics (conversion, add-to-cart, AOV) by platform. Today we’re going to take a look at the historical context of...

Eq 2 2015
Is mobile bounce rate on the rise?

When we ran the numbers for ecommerce performance during Q2 for our most recent Ecommerce Quarterly report, we uncovered a host of interesting, surprising, and just-plain confounding trends. But our job isn’t to keep the stats just interesting...

Mobile Recommendations
7 surprising mobile shopping stats you need to know

As we’ve said before, those customers who take the time to download your mobile app and actually shop with it are your best customers. What do you know about them? What should you know about them? What do...

How to optimize the mobile checkout flow

You can test anything on a mobile retail ecommerce app, but it pays to focus on the ones that will boost the metrics you care about most (like conversion). Here are a few popular app elements retailers like...

Thoughtful Data
True optimization begins with a thoughtful look at the data

Matty Wishnow, founder & CEO of Clearhead (a Monetate Certified Partner), recently posted a though-provoking piece on their company blog about website testing and optimization. It’s their take on a point and a question we bring up a...

Customer Journey
Three Ideas to Kickstart Your Omnichannel Marketing

For shoppers, there are more ways to research, discover, and engage with a brand than ever before. Indeed, the experience has become a multichannel, multi-device, process that spans time and space. From the living room to the...

House Of Cards2 1
Frank Underwood’s Lessons for Digital Marketers

You can’t deny the draw of Frank Underwood. We’re big fans of Netflix’s House of Cards here at Monetate, and have done our fair share of quoting it. And that got me thinking: Despite being perhaps the most...

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