Thoughtful Data
True optimization begins with a thoughtful look at the data

Matty Wishnow, founder & CEO of Clearhead (a Monetate Certified Partner), recently posted a though-provoking piece on their company blog about website testing and optimization. It’s their take on a point and a question we bring up a...

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Activate your data, now!

It is another trade show focused on the future of digital retail and the room is buzzing with the latest trends in online marketing. When asked about the biggest pain point of their business, none of the executives...

Soccer Cartoon
The Beautiful Game…of Data

When it comes to data and marketing, most people take the analogy to Moneyball. And it’s pretty easy one to see why: Just like how Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, used previously ignored data...

Back To School Kid
Acing Your Back-to-School Strategy

Pop quiz: What’s the second most lucrative e-commerce shopping season? If you guessed “back to school,” congratulations; you’re at the head of the class. If you’re wondering how you just got your kids into summer camp and are...

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