October 2011

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Multivariate Testing: Breaking Down When It’s Appropriate for You

An October 2011 Econsultancy report shows 53% of marketers use A/B testing, while just 24% conduct multivariate testing. But marketers also profess a stronger desire to implement MVT (44%) than translates into practice. To (possibly) close the gap between MVT wants vs. needs, let’s look at both when it DOESN’T and DOES make sense to use this approach.

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Flash Sales: 2012’s Emerging Trend YOU Can Get in On

These days nearly every retailer wants in on the flash sale business, but a variety of complex IT hurdles have kept “traditional” ecommerce stores out of the fray. You now can easily roll out a flash sale on your website—without having to engage your IT department. Here’s how it works.

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A Mixed Message About JavaScript

Google clearly created Dart to support its very large infrastructure. At the same time, Google is sending a mixed message that’s evident when you consider the push of its V8 JavaScript engine used in its very-own Chrome web browser.