Personalize anything, anywhere for anyone

Create, test, deploy, and measure personalized marketing campaigns across all touchpoints—at scale.

Know Your Customers

Leverage real-time big data insights

Automatically create a high-resolution picture of every customer based on behavioral and contextual data. Use simple point-and-click selections to build, name, save, and reuse segments based on information, such as:

  • First, second & third party data sources
  • On-site behaviors
  • Demographics
  • Technographics
  • Geography

Personalize Anything, Anywhere

Deliver the right experience every time

From basic changes to advanced, code-level control, Monetate’s sentence-based campaign builder and inline editor make it easy to generate relevant customer experiences on the fly. Do this at scale with:

  • Custom segmentation
  • Point-and-click selections
  • Dynamic creative assets
  • Product recommendations
  • Drag-and-drop page reorganization

Measure Your Results

Better, faster, smarter decisions

Information isn’t insight unless you understand its value. See the dollars and cents behind every campaign without adding any additional tags to your website. Make more informed decisions with:

  • Performance visualizations
  • Raw data access
  • Custom-built KPIs
  • Integrated analytics
  • Post-campaign segmentation